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University Presentations, Talent Recruitment --CHAINTECH & Zhenzhou University

Company News (962) 2023-03-17 13:04:18

March has come again, the season of rejuvenation. On March 15th, our company officially launched the recruitment of fresh graduates from universities for the spring of 2023. Led by VP Mr.Fan, our first stop was Zhengzhou University, the top university in Henan Province.
Zhengzhou University, a university jointly built by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Henan Province, is a national "Double First-Class" university and a participant in the "211 Project" and "One Province, One University" construction projects. It's also Manager Fan's alma mater. With the support of the leadership of the School of Pharmacy at Zhengzhou University, we successfully held our first recruitment presentation.

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The presentation was divided into three parts:
Introduction to the CRO Industry and Company
Fan first introduced the development history of the CRO industry and the differences in various subdivisions within the CRO field. He focused on the current status and development prospects of vaccine clinical research and then detailed the company's development history, business scope, service advantages, project experience, technical team, and cooperative clients. Finally, based on his nearly 10 years of work experience, he provided guidance on the future employment direction for pharmaceutical majors.
Introduction to Recruitment Positions and Benefits

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Mr. Zhao Hailong, the Manager of the Administrative Department, introduced the job responsibilities, requirements, and specific salary and benefits structure for three recruitment positions: Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Data Manager (DM), and Quality Control Specialist (QC). He showcased our company's excellent working environment, rich benefits, comprehensive training system, and broad prospects for advancement.

University Presentations, Talent Recruitment --CHAINTECH & Zhenzhou University ( Company News 第3张
Q&A Session
The final session was a Q&A session where students raised various questions. Questions ranged from whether there's an age barrier in the CRO industry to the number of new projects the company handles each year, the size of project teams, the frequency of business trips, how project bonuses are distributed, whether the company has single or double rest days, and the differences between CRAs and CRCs. Our presentation team provided detailed and sincere answers until no more questions were raised. The entire presentation lasted for 2 hours. As it drew to a close, students eagerly submitted their resumes and filled out application cards, hoping to join our company. We sincerely invited them to visit our company for interviews.
As the saying goes, "clear water comes from the source." Human resources development has always been a top priority for our company. The continuous influx of future stars is the cornerstone of our development and growth. Next, we will hold multiple presentations or job fairs at various universities to select and reserve more outstanding talents for our company.

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